how to start a blog

Today, i want to explain  how to start a blog. Many people still don't know how to start it even they  don't know what's blog.

Blog is a type of website that focuses mainly on writen content. That's mean you can write everything. Start from your daily activity, tutorial,your experience,content, etc. You can also express your emotion by writing a blog.

What's blogger?

What's blogger, blogger is a person who regularly writes material for a blog. If you are a blogger that's mean you are the maker of your own website. People can visit your website if you have an interesting content.

Okay lets go to the main topic,

How to start a blog

- First, you must determine you website or your blog name.

- Register your blog in and using an email.

- Customize your blog to become more interesting, you can change the design of your blog  as you    like.

-  Write the content and publish it. please try to attact importance to keyword

- Next,promote your blog to any kind of social media, which is help you to get a more viewer.

- Earn money from your blog by google adsense.

How to earn money from google adsense?

In google adsense, actually ,content is king. So if your content is good and many viewer you can earn money from google adsense by advertising. How it's work?

Okay, when your blog  already has many viewers, automatically you can sign up in google adsense.
In google adsense, you can earn money by cost per click. that's mean how much money you earn that depend on how many people who click your advertisment in your blog.

Before you sign up in google adsense you must know the requirements before you can apply for adsense.

-  Make a quality content
-  The complete of the blog
-  Many viewers
- The blogger must be 18 years old
- Don't use the forbidden content

How to sign up google adsense

If you're already meet the requirements you can sign up in google adsense

First, go to google adsense web and sign up .

Next, send the request for joining google adsense .

For 2 or three days google adsense will send you an email .

visit too Why should i start blogging?

Okay, i hope this tutorial  may be useful for all of us. thank you for ready to read my article. don't forget to share!!!


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