What to do on a holiday?

What to do on a Holiday?

Holiday is a good day, where people refresh  themself. Probably from their work, school and their daily routine. People have their holiday every sunday and people have their long holiday every year.
Every year the student hold the final test to up one grade then they have their school holiday. Usually the holiday depend on the teacher. Sometimes the teacher gave 1month holiday or less than 1 month. We also have our holiday on the christmas , chinese new year , ramadhan , etc.

Usually, when it's come to holiday. Some people spend their time to hangout with family, some people spend their time at home then feel bored or some people spend their time to watch a tv and play video games one full day.

Okay now, what to do on a holiday?

1. Do something creative

  •         Writing

    Start writing a blog or a book to express yourself. Write a book or blog also can help you refresh you from many problems. If you don't know How to start  a blog you can start to learn it.
The reason i start a blog because i feel bored. when you're fell bored the ideas will come by itself.
To Write a blog as beginners we need to be more patient.To express yourself  you can also learn how to Find an ideas. We all need ideas and you can learn to find an ideas when you're out of ideas.

  •           drawing

    Start from a simple sketch. You can draw anything that's up to you.

              - you can draw an object

              - you can also sketch a face

All you have to is express yourself to be more creative.

  •     Music

              Start to write a music. if you can play a music, why don't you try to write a little arrangements. You  can write a song for someone you love, or maybe you can start to play with hard note. All you can do it , if you can play a music.

2.  Start cooking

 If you like to cook, it's recommended.  Start from a simpe dishes, you can learn how to cook an egg You can also learn How to cook a salmon.So many kind of dishes that can learn to cook,Holiday can be the effective way to increase your cooking skills.

3. Help your mom

Holiday can also be the effective way to do good. You can help your mom, do the simple thing to help your mom like:
  •          Tidy up your bedroom
  •           Clean your house         

4. Workout

Holiday also can help you to increase your body form. You can start to do a list to improve your abs.Workout in holiday is the good times to improve your body because in the busy day sometimes we lost our workout.Do workout often to strenghten your body and get your sixpack soon.

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