5 ways to get ideas for best blog topics

  Many kinds of ways that we have to do to get an idea, to start writing a Blog we need an idea. There are also many idea that we can get from the environment. The idea you can also get from yourself, and your experience in your life. Idea you can also get from other people, like your parents need help about "update the operating system on gadget" , Example. You can get idea from there.

  Ideas is something that you get from the environment to do a thing. When you're out of idea and you're a blogger, I have many ways to tell you. One of them,To get idea we can't force ourself, let it appear by itself. To get the Quality web content idea you need to be patient. if you force it, its gonna be bad for you and your blog.

  As a beginner we often out of ideas, to start writing as a beginner we need to be more patient to get an idea. Maybe you can write twice a week, or maybe you can write more than twice a week. To get idea you have to refresh yourself, you can go to the garden and take a fresh air to get an idea.

Okay, don't take a much longer. Let me disscuss the main topics of the ways to get ideas for best blog topics. To get a best blogs topic we have to do is:

1. Read a books 

Get ideas from the book, book is an effective way to get an idea. Book also give you many content and you can write anything. To get idea from the book, you can go to library at the school and near. Your house. This the artenative way to help to get an idea.

From book, you can get idea from the famous writers. They are our senior , of course they have a big ideas and a lot of experience in writing. Maybe you can visit the library like three times a week, if you don't like  to visit the library you can visit once a week.

If you don't like to visit a library, you can buy a book in a book store. Especially like gramedia and etc. in gramedia there are many kind of categories that you can get for your ideas.

2. Watch a YouTube video 

In youtube, many content that people make to entertain people. You can get ideas from there. maybe when you saw people make a comedy or make up tutorial , you can make it to your blog but don't copy it. Its only a media to get an ideas.

In youtube, there are  a lot of ideas in there. All of YouTube videos give you an ideas, you can get ideas from the channel categories that you like.

3. Take refresh 

Sometimes To get ideas we always get empty ideas, the other artenative way is to take refresh on yourself. To take refresh is the best way, I think. Because to refresh yourself like you make fresh your brain in short duration. Its mean that you don't have to take a break until 3 month, You need only 1week or 1 month to take a break. 

To refresh yourself you can go to the garden , listen to music , cook, etc. You can also take a Vacation and do something on holiday

4.  Environment

To get ideas from environment like your school, your friend, your parents.etc. Many ideas that you can get out there. Or maybe your neighborhood. Environment includes many things, ideas come over and over. We have to make the situation look fun and not bored. 

When you are telling about your daily activity that happened in your environment, make sure that the story is fun and not bored. Therefore people can feel it.

5. Be creative

The important thing is to be creative. Try to find some innovative when you're doing something. Which is can help you to find an ideas, and you can be more productive in making a blog. 

To be creative also means, you have to make your own original art and make sure that your art is not copied.

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