Easy Ways To Cook a Salmon Recipes

   Easy Ways To Cook a Salmon Recipes

  This food is the good food ever. The food that i always be waiting to let you guys know. There has many ways to cook a salmon but this tutorial will tell you the ways to cook a salmon. Salmon is also high protein food as same as Egg. This food always been served in the restaurant. Salmon also good for your brain because in the salmon contain omega-3.

  To cook a salmon you must be careful , because salmon has many thorns in there. Before you cook you must remove the thorns use a knife. Salmon can also be cook by grilled, you must remove the thorns first before you start to cook.Many easy ways to cook salmon but in this tutorial , i want to tell you about the ways to cook salmon , fried salmon.

Salmon not only delicious but also rich in protein and omega-3. Salmon meat is red.To cook a salmon we must be careful.

1. Remove the thorns 

First, you must remove the thorns. To remove the throns you must you a knife. Slide the knife to opposite the throns. After the throns is already appear, use the clamp to remove the thorns. Before go to the next step, make sure that no more  thorns again on the salmon. Check one more time to make sure because we need to really be careful to get a best taste.

2. Heat the oil 

After you remove the throns, you must heat the oil to the lower heat. You can use olive oil to get a better taste. After you put olive oil you can add a little bit butter to the pan,To keep the salmon keep fresh.

3. Dry the salmon

Next, dry the salmon. You can dry the salmon use a tissue paper. 

4. Seasoning the salmon

To get a better taste, next step you have to do  is to seasoning the salmon. You can add salt and pepper or oregano leaves that's up to you. Add lemon to remove the smell of fish.

5. Fry the salmon

After the oil is heated, put the salmon gently into the pan. Always watch the salmon and don't let the salmon burnt.

6. Drain the salmon

Next, drain the salmon until totally dry

7. Serve it

Serve the salmon. Do your favor ways

Finally, the salmon is done. You can taste your own made salmon. Salmon can also be serve with a mashed potatoes. In the next, i will make the tutorial how to make a mashed potatoes, so wait for it. This is the easiest way to make a fried salmon, there is also many variation of making a salmon but i only tell you the simple way that i know to tell you guys.

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