List Of The Country That You Have To Visit This year

List Of The country That You Have To Visit

Today I want to discuss about the country in the world that you have to visit before you die. Many icon from every country that make them become unique. The things that make differentiate between one country and another country is the icon. A lot of people interest with the icon than the place that make the people always want to take a picture.The icon is the place for people who like photo especially photographer.

Many List Of The country That You Have To Visit before you die. But I will discuss the best of the best And I will tell you The Most Popular places And Many People Go there. Okay, don't take a much longer let me tell you the List Of The country That You Have To Visit before you die.

1. France

France is the most romantic places that you have to visit with your love one.The Most Famous city is Paris. Paris  have the iconic that make Paris become unique. It's call Eiffel tower. Eiffel towel built on January 28,1887. Paris also can be the places to have a honeymoon. Because Paris is the romantic place.

2. United states

United states is the famous place that everyone like to visit. Especially it's city, New York. New York can be the best place to visit because New York is the big city. Many residence in there, there is also many language spoken in there. The Main language is English. 

The iconic of New York city is Liberty statue, Liberty statue also is the best place to know about historic hall and galleries of Ellis island. You are not allowed to go into the Liberty statue. There is also can be the best place to take a picture because the unique of the liberty statue, The iconic of New York city.

3. Dubai 

Dubai located in Saudi Arabia. Many places that your have to visit in Dubai, Because Dubai is the luxury city. Dubai also have a tallest building and you can enjoy a skydiving. The picture upstairs is The Palm island that is the  best development in Dubai. 

Dubai also can be the best places to leave because all of Dubai hotel is very luxury and I think you will be interest with Dubai hotel and resort.

4. London

London located in united kingdom, English. London is also the best iconic places because there we have many places to visit start from Big Ben,Cola cola London eye, Tower of London, Kensington palace , etc. To know more about London, go visit London.

5. Canada

Canada have a capital city name Ottawa. Canada become famous because located near the ocean. In Canada, we can feel many season. Every season In Canada having a festival and you can watch their beautiful festival.

Canada is recommended for you because Many Good cities in Canada that you have to visit. Canada always Beautiful even night or Morning. So guys go visit Canada.

6. Colombia

Colombia is the same as Canada called island city because there is many island. Columbia has many cities start from Bogota, Cartagena , Medellin , Cali , Barichara, and many else. Any time you have to visit Columbia because there are many good cities.

7. Thailand

Thailand is the best place for you to have a lot of fun. Thailand have many interesting places. Thailand capital city name Bangkok, In Bangkok there are many food market, clothes market, and Show festival , Bazaar. You must explore Thailand, Thailand is the nice place. Thailand also have many beach one of them is  Pattaya beach, Pattaya also has a floating market name Pattaya floating market. so guys have a lot fun in Thailand if you want to visit it.

8. Hawaii

Actually, Hawaii is not a country. But I like to discuss it because this tourism object is the best place to go. Hawaii is located in North America. Hawaii is called as the biggest island in United States.Hawaii also called as The paradise of the people. Anytime you must visit Hawaii.

9. Singapore

What made Singapore become a unique country, Of course the Merlion statue in Singapore . Singapore also have a universal studios the best place where the people can having a lot of  fun. Actually Singapore is nice and I think Singapore is the Developed country.

10. Indonesia

It is true that Indonesia is still the developing country. But, Indonesia have many different culture and traditional food. I think what made Indonesia recommend to you is because Indonesia is the best place to learn about culture. Indonesia also have a delicious food, that's because of Indonesia rich of herbs and spices. Indonesia also have the best place to go In Jogjakarta especially Candi prambanan , Candi Borobudur and Indonesia also have many mountain. One of the mountain is Gunung Bromo. That is one of The famous mountain in Indonesia.

Okay, I only tell you this 10 country that you have to visit in this year. I think many else that I have to tell you and I already promise that next time I will make a tutorial about  How to cook A mashed potatoes in My article "Easy Ways To Cook A Salmon" So guys wait for it. If you like my article please share it. Thank you


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