Quality web content in writing a blog

  The quality content of blog was depend on the people who write the blog.So many ways to make a quality web content not only quantity but also quality. No people knows that the blog  who has  many content and important in quantity are copy by the another blog.Some people like to copy another people blog because they are lazy to think. They are lazy to make a quality web content for their blog. So many ways to make a quality web content without copying another blog. 

To be in the first of seo or seach engine, you must make a quality content. Therefore you can lead the first rank of the seach engine or Seo. To be in the first search engine seo your must contains a quality content that people can unserstand.Don't make a pornography content,SARA and as much as you can make a content that is interesting to the people.

People like to search many things in google, to know how many keyword that people search, you can start to use google adwords. In google adwords there was keyword planner tool. Keyword planner can help you to be in the first of the search engine or seo.

What is a quality content?

Usually many people say if you want to make a quality content you must make many content and many words. For me quality content if you can keeps people always visit your blog oftenly. Like you write a content then people read and get interesting in your content and always read your blog . That i say is a quality content.

Okay lets see how is the quality content.

1. Original content

The content was original from your ideas and not copy By another people. Can you imagine that you've work so hard to make a good content but people use to copy your content easily. Please let's your brain to think.Original content also can help you to be more productive. Imagine that your blog has many content but that all was copied by another blog,lately people will open that blog and they see same content in there.And that blog always lead the first seo .Can be your blog stamped copied blog.

When you're already made a content you can safe your content, like robot.txt or etc. with robot.txt you can safe your contain from people who wants to copy your content. With robot.txt people are not allowed to copy you content.With robot.txt your blog will be safe.

2. Contain a positive content

Post the positive contents that people can read. Don't post pornografi or SARA .etc. A quality content
Must be positive. At once people always feel like no have ideas. You can find your ideas by walking in the garden find some fresh air to refresh your brain. The content do not have to in force.
Usually, sometimes when people feel bored they can find a content and i don't know how can that happened.

To find a positive content you can also start to read from the book or web. You can find some ideas from there.The best way is with your own ideas. You can also find your ideas by watch a tv show or youtube.

3.  First rank on seo

Keyword is important because of keyword people can find your blog. You can try google adwords by searching the best keyword for you content. Of course the quality content always in place on the first of search engine,if your keywords was good. The quality content can be quality if many people search and view your content.

4. The readers can understand

When you are writing a content or a blog. Make sure you are writing in a good condition, don't take your mood when you're writing a content. As possible, make the readers understand what you want to say.

You can also try to invite the readers to relax situation on reading. That's make sure your content is good quality content and inspiring. Therefore the readers can't feel bored.The good content depend on the readers too.

5. Inside of the topic

To talk about a topic we must focusing on the topic. The quality web content is when the think you talk about is connected with the topic or content.

content will be good when you talk doesn't out of the content. And try to write.a content with a good purpose. With the good purpose people can understand what you want to say.

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