Tips To Get Your Room Organized Comfortably

  Tips To Get Your Room Organized Comfortably

   In this article, I want to tell you about organizing tips for you room. Every wake up morning we always forget to tidy up the room and caused our room look messy. carelessly, we always put our things everywhere and we forget to put it back to the right place. Probably some people did it but some people don't want to care about what does the room look like and don't want to organize it.

  When organizing your room, you may ask your mom for helping you organizing the room. Before you organize make sure you have thrown the things that is already no needed, like tissues, wrote paper, and etc. To organize the room you need a lot of times and make sure that you Don't have any  activity like school or tutoring activity.

To start organizing your room, you have to clean up your room first. You can clean the table, sweeping the floor and mopping the floor. After the room was clean, you can remove all the stuff from your drawer and your clothes from the wardrobe and put it on the bed. After you remove all the things, you have to clean up your drawer and wardrobe. After all cleaned next is to put it back and now I want to tell you " how to organize it"

1.  Putting the clothes neatly 

put your clothes neatly in the closet or wardrobe. So everytime you want to change the clothes that's much easier than you used to. The first thing that you have to do to keep your clothes keep neat is  everytime you need to be careful to putting your clothes. Don't be careless when you're putting the clothes because that is so affect to your room comfort.

            Next, you have provide the places for your dirty clothes. To get your room keep clean and comfortable you have to put your dirty clothes in the brackets. That's help you to get more easier to fast go to laundry. Because sometimes when the room is messy the dirty clothes is everywhere.

2. Put the book on the bookshelf

  put you book on the bookcase, you can provide one space for your book. Maybe it's a schoolbook, tutorial book or comic,etc. You can put it above the table or  put it on the bookshelf that's up to you. In my opinion, if you want to put it on the table you can put it in a small bookcase. That's help you to keep your room look more neat.

  To differentiate the book, what's wrong if you try to put different between the school book and another book. This can help you to get easier to go to school and don't get late. 

3. Put the accessories on the hangers

  When we have a clothes, certainly we have the accesories like belt, bag ,bracelet ,necklace and etc.
To organize your room to be more comfortable, you have to put that's all to the hangers. Therefore your floor is empty and that's make you fell more comfortable while walking in your room, because the space to walk is big. 

For the accesories like bracelet or neckales, you can put in on the drawer. To help you find something much easier, put the bracelet and neclaces in one place and doesn't combine with other. That way can help musch easier, you can also put a label on your drawer if you're the forgotable type.

4.  Tidy up all things that haven't been done.

The last one is tidy up all things that haven't been done, like you own things. If you're a kids you have to tidy up your toys. If you have a guitar or keybord place your music stuff in the right place, don't put it on the bed or the floor. If you have a laptop or ipad put it on the table, if you have a cube put the  cube on the table.

The important thing is empty your bed and this can help you to be more comfortable while sleeping. Suggestion for you, if you're already want to go to sleep put your phone on the table and don't put it on your bed because that will caused you phone broken. And that is radioactive.


To keep your bed neat and don't want to reorganize your bed, you have to
  • Every wake up in the morning, make the bed and tidy up your room
  • Put your stuff in the right place
  • Don't make the floor full of the items
  • Put your dirty clothes on the brackets
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